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  1. When should we arrive to set up our space?
    1. 2 hour before start
  2. How big will our space be exactly?
    1. you will get table and chairs. Space is ample so don’t worry. Ball room is very big
  3. Where will we be situated relative to the audience?
    1. First come first served on location
  4. Will you be able to provide at least one table and two chairs?
    1. yes we should be able to provide
  5. How can we help be a part of day-of promotion opportunities?As mentioned we would be happy to provide a set of our books to select winners throughout the day. Let us know what we can do to set that up
    1. well please help to promote this link of
    2. and
    3. Yes thanks for providing books and other gifts. All pictures will be posted on websites that people will see for years  as this website will stay for life. We have booked domains that are not year specific so anytime going onwards event on Mothers Day in New Jersey then this domain will pop up.